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Our church is equipped with an
FM Transmitter system that allows
those at Mass, to hear our homilies
with the aid of a receiver with

Below is specifically what you need to
purchase in order to tune into this system.

System Overview
(fromWilliams Sound)
Our Willians Sound PPA VP 37 System is a Wideband FM Listening System which operates in the 72-76 MHz frequency band. Designed for hearing assistance in places of public access, the PPA VP 37 is for those who need help overcoming background noise, reverberation, or distance from the sound source. The system has two principal parts: the T27 Transmitter and the PPA R37 Receiver. Much like a miniature radio station, the Transmitter and microphone pick up the sounds you want to hear and broadcast them over an FM radio signal. The receivers are used to pick up the broadcast up to 1000 feet (305 m).
Where to purchase your receiver
You can search the internet for the product labeled "PPA-R37N" There are several supliers that will come up so you can simply shop for the best deal.

The receiver should come shipped with the default frequency setting of 72.9 MHz which
is what our church system is tuned to. Please make sure to confirm this prior to purchase.

The unit accepts any headphone or ear bud with a 3.5mm standard audio plug.
It only plays in mono so headphones with a mono plug are recommended to hear with both ears.
Otherwise, a stero headphone will only output sound to one side or the other.
The unit runs on two standard AA batteries. Questions? please send to webmaster@saintisidore.org Thanks And God Bless.

Make your Amazon purchases via the link below and Amazon will donate a percentage of each transaction to St. Isidore's, at no additional charge to you!  Click the "Get Started" button to learn more!

St. Isidore Church Contact Information:
St. Isidore Church
attn: Fr. Paul Robinson
32100 E. Colfax Svc Rd
Watkins , CO 80137
303.344.9300 - phone
303.568.0193 - fax
St. Isidore Priory Contact Information:
 St. Isidore Priory
 Fr. Paul Robinson, Prior
303-325-7558 phone
 303-568-0193 fax