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All Uploaded Files can be accessed below 
which you can listen to or download. 
Donations are welcome!
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Here is a link to a recording that was made by 
Catholic University in Washington D.C. in the 1950's 
on a LP record.It teaches altar boys the 
Latin responses for the Tridentine Mass.
Audio Recording on How to Serve Low Mass

Here you will find Traditional Catholic audio recordings covering a wide variety of topics critical to making sense out of our world, ourselves, and Our God. Please feel free to download and listen to these recordings for free. You may duplicate these on CD media to share with your freinds and family.

You are welcome to make a donation to our parish to help us defray the cost of producing and distributing these recordings or to help our parish or school in general but it is not required. These recordings are provided as an apostalate to spread the Truth as revealed by Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and to combat the many errors that infect our thinking and gravely endanger our salvation.

St. Isidore Church Contact Information:
St. Isidore Church
attn: Fr. Paul Robinson
32100 E. Colfax Svc Rd
Watkins , CO 80137
303.344.9300 - phone
303.568.0193 - fax
St. Isidore Priory Contact Information:
 St. Isidore Priory
 Fr. Paul Robinson, Prior
303-325-7558 phone
 303-568-0193 fax