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A p o s t o l a t e s


Altar Boys
In Service to  the Holy Mass

Altars appear in the written record as early as 251 AD, meaning that the tradition must have developed even earlier. Altar boys in the Roman Catholic Church were first regarded as belonging to the clergy, thus they had to learn Latin prayers, songs and had to behave in a well manner and follow all the rules that were set for them. Many altar boys become priests later on. Altar boys help the priest during the Holy Mass with the books, censer and candles. This requires that the boys be responsible and disciplined as well as knowledgeable as to the order of the Mass. Click on our latest bulletin link on our home page to view our current server schedule.

Those interested in serving Holy Mass at Saint Isidore's should contact the president of our St Stephen Guild chapter - John Gaydosh.

St Stephen's Guild chapter President - John Gaydosh - johnthegone@comcast.net

Eucharistic Crusade
What is the motto of the Eucharistic Crusade?
Prayer, Communion, Sacrifice, Apostolate!

What is the Eucharistic Crusade?

The Eucharistic Crusade is an association of Catholic children and youngsters set up under Saint Pius X, the Pope who allowed the early communion of children. By 1940, it comprised more than 3 millions members throughout the world. It has been revived by the Society of St. Pius X for the sake of traditional children, to do exactly what the children did in the time of Saint Pius X for God’s Church and for their country.

Captain - Mrs. Fahnestock - mcfslt@gmail.com


Altar and Rosary Society
 Serving the Church

This society cares for the Church. Members launder linens, clean the church, and may run events to raise money to purchase new items to be used in the church or for particular liturgies. Care for the flowers and the candles, and also handle the Rosary being done at the Church and at Mass.

Contact: Carol Crow at crwcrl@comcast.net

by thy
Spirit of 

Choir of Saint Isidore

St. Isidore’s church takes seriously the responsibility of providing the music for the Sacred Liturgy. Our choir is made up of a men's schola and a four-part polyphonic choir. As Gregorian Chant is the highest form of liturgical music, a special effort is made by the schola to learn and sing the chants for the mass. 

And, since Sacred Polyphony, as St Pius X says in his Motu Proprio, “agrees admirably with Gregorian Chant and hence has been found worthy of a place side by side with it,” the choir continuously strives to reach a level of performance which will help uplift hearts and minds to God.

If you are interested in joining the men’s schola and/or the choir, please contact
Mr. David Conder or Mrs. Maria Conder.

Contact: David Conder at dconder@bluemodus.com or Maria Conder at littlesierra@hotmail.com


Holy Name Society
Service in the Holy Name of Our Lord

The Holy Name Society promotes the honor and glory of our Divine Lord and the personal sanctification of its members by acts of love and devotion to the most Holy Name of Jesus. The spirited life of its members is a perpetual act of reverence and love.

Membership duties include the performing of the Corporal Works of Mercy: to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, give drink to the thirsty, shelter to the homeless, tend the sick, visit those in prison, and bury the dead; as well as the Spiritual Works of Mercy: to convert sinners, instruct the ignorant, counsel the wayward, comfort the sorrowing, bear adversity patiently, forgive offenses, and pray for the living and the dead.

Contact: John Cichos - john@tasteofalifetime.com



Book Store
Serving the Faithful with  Literature and Art

The store is located in the basement of the Church. Books, shirts, prayer cards, icons, rosaries, and religious items of all kinds. Credit cards are accepted.

Contact: Elizabeth Gaydosh at liza.gaydosh@comcast.net


Traveling Pilgrim Virgin Statue
Service with the Blessed Virgin Mary

St. Isidore Catholic Church observes the Traveling Pilgrim Virgin Statue Devotion to Our Lady of Fatima. Devotional prayers, including five decades of the Rosary and a litany to Our Lady, are said each evening at 7:00pm at the host family's home and guests are encouraged to participate by praying at the same time.

Contact: Glen Ocana at gocana@directv.com


Ushers for Saint Isidore
Service to  the Faithful and Newcomers

Ushers need to be people-oriented. Over and above the two basic services they render to the Church (showing people to their seats and taking up the collection), they need to put strangers at ease, make visitors feel welcomed, assist the physically and mentally handicapped and help everyone who requires assistance.

Contact: Jerry Linnebur at Jerry5j@aol.com

St. Isidore Church Contact Information:
St. Isidore Church
attn: Fr. Paul Robinson
32100 E. Colfax Svc Rd
Watkins , CO 80137
303.344.9300 - phone
303.568.0193 - fax
St. Isidore Priory Contact Information:
 St. Isidore Priory
 Fr. Paul Robinson, Prior
303-325-7558 phone
 303-568-0193 fax